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Professional experiences

mittemitte GmbH | 06.2021 - 12.2022

System Administrator

Technician Support & HelpDesk System Administrator Telephony System Developper & Administrator Internal Security Advisor & Manager Global Security Advisor MDM & Remote Management Administrator for Macs (Addigy) & Windows (InTune) Licenses manager Budget control and costs reduction

macOS, Windows 10 & 11,  Google, Sophos, Cisco, Bria, Spendesk, Microsoft 365

EyeEm Mobile GmbH | 11.2018 - 05.2021

System Administrator

Technician Support & HelpDesk System Administrator Telephony System Developper & Administrator Internal Security Advisor & Manager Global Security Advisor MDM & Remote Management Administrator

Technical Service
  • Receiving incident, managing priorities
  • Incident troubleshooting and resolution
  • Advising for improvement and growth management 
  • Setup of a ITIL Helpdesk tool and ServiceDesk for HR
System Administrator
  • Managing access and back of fileserver
  • Wifi network management
  • Devices management (Apple)
  • Assets management
  • Security software management
  • Passwords tool management
  • Telephony implementation and management
  • Printers management
  • Advising
  • Auditing
  • Security camera implementation and management
  • Internal security audit and solutions
  • Employee training on technical products and procedures
  • On/Off Boarding management

macOS, Synology, Yealink, FreePBX, Apple MDM, Business, Addigy, Avast, Unifi, Cisco Umbrella, Cisco AMP, FreshService, HP, Canon, Google

MySwisstech SA | 09.2016 - 07.2018

Apple Service Center and enterprise services

Technician Customer manager Apprentice manager

Entreprise Services
  • Home automation projects
  • IP telephony configuration and tests
  • Devices installation, network setup and cloud backup setup
  • Remote support for level 1 and 2 support
  • Quote establishments
Technical Service
  • Receiving hardware material needing repair in the shop
  • Opening technical case and notifying
  • Pre-diagnostic for triage
  • Full diagnostic
  • Establishment of a repair estimate
  • Changing parts for small hardware repair
  • System troubleshooting
  • Data backup, transfer and recovery
  • Audits, Analyze, and recommendations
  • Technical service management, in charge of process and technicians
  • Customer training on Apple products and third parties
  • Troubleshooting the indicated problems
  • Accompaniment of hardware and software purchases
  • Advice
  • Trainer of a mediamatician apprentice.
  • In charge of the customers and the tools for follow-up
  • Employee training on technical products and procedures
  • Recruitment of apprentices
  • In charge of telephony, queue and call management (multi-sites)

macOS, Synology, FileMaker Pro, QNap, Winbiz, Yealink, FreePBX, DeployStudio

Mémoire Vive SA | 05.2015 - 02.2016

Apple Service Center & Reseller

TechBar manager

Technical Service
  • Management tools for demonstration computers
  • Receiving hardware material needing repair in the shop
  • Opening technical case
  • Complete diagnosis of the machine
  • Establishment of a repair estimate
  • Change of parts for minor repairs
  • System troubleshooting
  • Data recovery, data transfer
  • Audits, Analyze, and recommendations
  • Customer training on Apple products and third parties.
  • Troubleshooting the indicated problems.
  • Accompaniment of hardware and software purchases.
  • Advice
  • Apprentice task management and planning
  • In charge of the demonstration material
  • Employee training on technical products and procedures
  • In charge of deployment system and recovery system for the local technical service
macOS, Synology, FileMaker Pro, QNap, OM Business 4D, DeployStudio

IBM | 04.2015 - 11.2015

IT Services

Service Desk Agent

Service Desk
  • Receiving customer and customer calls
  • Opening support files
  • Resolving incidents
  • Troubleshooting
  • Escalation

Windows 7, Office 2010, Citrix, Avaya, Cisco Telephony

Mémoire Vive SA | 05.2013 - 09.2014

Apple Service Center & Reseller

Technician and specialist in after-sales service

Administrative tasks
  • Archiving of company documents
  • Ranking
  • Creation of the loan computers in the company database
  •  Help with receiving goods from the store
Technical Service
  • Preparation of tools for the internal technical service
  • Creation of information pages on the procedures to be followed after the system reinstallation's, for the customer
  • Supported, at the store, computers requiring troubleshooting or repair
  • Deployment of the machines of the loan park
  • Extraction of hard drives from computers to be recycled, for destruction
  • Establishment of a high-performance network for the technical service and a backup system to manage customer data safely
  • Opening of the technical file
  • Complete diagnosis of the machine
  • Establishment of a repair estimate
  • Follow up with the client about the evolution of the file
  • Change of parts
  • System troubleshooting
  • Data recovery, data transfer
  • Cleaning the device
  • Test and validation
  • Customer training on Apple products and third parties
  • Troubleshooting the indicated problems
macOS, Synology, FileMaker Pro, QNap, OM Business 4D, DeployStudio

Independant Work | 01.2010 - 03.2012

Troubleshooting, Training and special mandates

Own helpline and website

  • Commissioning of a paid hotline
  • Telephone and remote troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting and home training
  • Advice before purchases
  • Renewal of IT parks in small structures (associative & SME)

Société Bancaire Privée SA | 12.2008 - 11.2009

Private Bank

Technical Support, 1st - 3rd level

In charge of IT support and full park renewal project

Park Administration
Implementation of maintenance solutions, installation of update deployment tools, upgrade of workstations, management of backups (and restores on request)
Active Directory, WSUS, Windows Server 2003, Exchange 2003, Veritas Backup, Cisco Telephony

IT park renewal project
Proposal for PC renewal or Mac migration, workstations and servers. Needs analysis and evaluation of variants, comparison of investment, deployment, training and maintenance costs. The Mac solution represented a 50% reduction.
Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows XP Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X Server 10.5. Parallels Desktop (virtualisation)
  • Analysis: Analysis of the tools in places and in function. Analysis of the needs of the company and the users
  • Survey: Audit of user acceptance, risk management
  • Tests: Evaluation and validation of alternative solutions and verification of compatibility. Linking with application and solution providers to support a platform change
  • Budgeting: Comparison of offers, costing of hardware purchase, software. Estimation of a deployment and training schedule

Setting up Intranet
Development of an Intranet site, based on a heavily modified CMS, to provide a portal for IT to communicate, and users to find a practical and functional tool, with a lot of productivity improvement.
CMS, PHP/MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript
  • Webmaster: Creation of the site, implementation of centralized tools to make the portal attractive, such as the values of indices and currencies, setting up an editorial system so that departments can manage their own space.

Support for 60 computers and 20 printers, server administration.
Windows XP, Office 2003, Windows Server 2003, McAfee, Cisco Telephony, Veritas Backup, HP, Xerox Printers, Bloomberg, Market Access
  • Support: User assistance, troubleshooting, search solutions in the short, medium or long term according to needs and requests

Shockfish SA | 05.2008

IT Services

Product engineer

Shockfish offers a product to enhance the user experience at conferences. It requires being present for each conference in order to install the necessary infrastructure, to distribute the product and to support it.

Product engineer
For each event, preparation of data, preparation of equipment and necessary on-site infrastructure and shipping.
Windows XP, Linux, Adobe Creative Suite, own system and devices
  • Preparation: Event-specific data preparation, maps, contacts, diary. Preparation of necessary equipment and shipping.
  • Installation: Installation of the infrastructure necessary for the use of the product (WiFi, clean network, server), tests and configuration
  • Support: Product distribution upon arrival of participants, full-time support for the duration of the conference, troubleshooting and product exchange, and finally recovery and removal of infrastructure

Firmenich SA | 07.2017 - 01.2018

Perfurmery & Fragrance

Service Desk Specialist

Service Desk for the main Firmenich sites in the Canton of Geneva, and a large part of the international sites.

1st level support, adding access, accounts and services, managing email requests, coordinating work for the team.
Windows 2000/XP, Office 2000/2007, local and network printers
  • 1st level support: Reception of the calls, analysis of the problems, simple resolution or remote control, escalation at the 2nd level. Managing incoming emails. Incident management
  • Administration: Creating Accounts, Access and Adding Services

HP Services @Procter & Gamble | 12.2005 - 06.2007

Other manufacturing industries

IT Operations Manager

HP is the service provider and IT support for most of Procter & Gamble's European sites. Following the acquisition of a "Wella" site in Marly (FR), support for the migration of the park (100 positions) and local support and management.

Integration of a site
Integration of the Allschwil (BL) site into the overall system.
Windows XP, Novell Server
  • PC Preparation: Preparation of new P & G standards positions, ready to be deployed by local support
  • Coordination: Ensuring the link with the Geneva team for setting up new servers and migrating accounts, enabling VPN access

Site manager
Migration of the Marly's site of 100 people on the new global system. Support, backup management.
Windows XP, Novell Server, local and network printers, HP, Xerox
  • Migration: Deployment of 100 PCs for the replacement of the current infrastructure
  • Support: Support by incident management, problem solving, report of the state of the park to my hierarchy in Geneva
  • Administration: Management of backups, securing the server environment, application of new security standards

Support at the Geneva's IT Kiosk.
Windows XP, Dell Laptops

Orange Communications SA | 08.2000 - 05.2002


Administrator Telephone System

Management of the internal telephone structure and call center programming.

Administrator Telephone System
Manage and develop the internal infrastructure, maintenance and programming of call centers and PBX exchanges.
Lucent (Avaya) PBX, Windows 2000
  • Internal Infrastructure Management: Adding lines, phones, creating numbers, setting up new workspaces, removals
  • Analysis: Search for expensive points that can be modified, and implementation of cost savings solutions
  • Call Center: Call Center Configuration Monitoring
  • Workload Monitoring: Optimizing resources and controlling usage levels to ensure optimal ongoing operation

Hospices Cantonaux Vaudois | 01.1999 - 07.2000

Public Administration

Support Technician

Our team had to install workstations, peripherals and clean applications. Second level support was the other goal.

2nd Level Support
Support of the computer park of 6500 posts (7500 people), of the 2nd level.
Windows 95/98/2000, Novell, Mac OS 8, 9, network printers

Installation of new workstations, peripherals, applications, user training on newly installed products, support for apprenticeship training.